Sunday, October 24, 2010

November 2010 magazines arrived

Our November 2010 magazines have arrived, and the Aussie dollar makes them much cheaper.
Somerset Studio November December 2010 page 30 if you love the look of encoustics you will love this article by Bridgette Guerzon Mills, very good instructions, visuals great too.The feature Artist Portfolio in this Somerset Studio issue is Jesse Reno, amazing art, his classes at Artfest are a sell out. I must say I love this work.Where Women Create Nov/Dec/Jan 2011 is another stunning issue of inspiring artists work spaces, above is Robin Brown of Magnolia Pearl, what an explosion of colour and vintage items only a workspace that some of us can only dream about, but lots of ideas here.Anne Cook is another artists workspace I have chosen to share with you in WWC a very neat and orderly space. Be quick for this issue as we sell out fast.

Artful Blogging Nov/Dec/Jan 2011, this magazine covers a wide range of arts above is Sherry Mattia-Welch's blog, she shares her blogging experience with fabulous creative photo's. You can get a wealth of information on people's blogs, be it art, vintage finds, travel, knitting and on and on.the second pages I chose are on knitting by Leslie Friend, sharing tips on knitting etc, knitting has become so much more in favour and finding like minded people on blogs is an easy way to go.Irinale Bugulmina reconstructs a lovely tweed coat in this article in Altered Couture Winter 2011 to make your own original style. This is made from vintage finds and made entirely by hand, although I am sure you could use a sewing machine if you are time challenged.This hosiery ensemble is way too cute, I just love how some young girls have become so creative wearing vintage clothing and putting their stamp on it, a time of glamour, does so go with high heels, love the knee high sox.

These are some of the article that I particularly like but there is so much more inside each magazine. Stampington put out beautiful magazines fulled with information and techniques but very creative artists in each field. Now I must go have a better read on Jesse Reno!!!!


Jacky I am hoping Joanne has them up on the website, the prices are $14.95 (what a bargain) and the others $20.95 each, phone me if you live in Perth and want to come and get one or we can mail out to you, the Somerset Studio is under the 500g and will fit in a $2.70 envelope if you don't mind waiting.